About Kabinetrus

Kabinet RUS has been established in 2017. In the past, our team have managed one of the most prominent consulting companies in Serbia.

Our team possesses years of experience in providing advice and representation of companies from numerous industries.

In our work, we closely cooperate with legal, financial, tax, logistics, HR and privacy experts.

Our clients are both local and multinational companies, who are doing business in Serbia and surrounding countries.

Our main advantage is thorough understanding of business needs of domestic and foreign investors form various industries. This understanding enables us to provide legal consultancy and compliance services of the highest quality.

In seeking the most optimal solutions for our client’s business, we ask the right questions and propose the best solutions in line with the Serbian regulations and best business practices.

How We Work?

Our specialist takes your call

We analyze your question

Professionally advise

We announce the price for our services